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För den som vill läsa nu medans jag är borta. Helt frivilligt, men jag är nöjd :)

Horse riding      


Why I have chosen this Sport

I have chosen this sport because I really like it. I am riding on my free time to, and I am in the stable at least three times a week. But sometimes I am there five times a week and more. It is an interesting sport and you just can´t like it.



In horse riding it is a lot of different events you can do. The most famous of the event and the most used is the English riding. When you are riding English riding you are trying to make the horse go so nicely as possible. The neck should be like a bow and the back legs trample in under the body so much as possible. When a horse goes like that in English riding it goes right and it is called that the horse is going in form.

Another event you can do in horse riding is jumping. When you do that you are jumping over barriers. The barriers can be on different highs, you can choose yourself. The horses are different god at it, one horse can jump really high when another horse is not so god and can’t jump equal high. There performance are depends on their races and there withers. When you compete in jumping you diced what high you want to jump and you are jumping a course. Before you start jumping you most have gone the course to see which barriers you will jump after the other and in which order. The barriers are numbered so you can see which barriers you would jump.

Dressage is another event in horse riding. Dressage is pretty equal the English riding but in this you event you can compete. When you compete in dressage you choose which grade you won’t to compete in. The most common grade that you can choose in a compete is in order: LC:1, LC:2, LB:0, LB:1, LB:2, LB:3, LA:1, LA:2, LA:3. LA:4, MSV C:1, MSV C:2, MSV B:1, MSV B:2, MSV B:3, MSV B:4, MSV B:5, MSV A:1, osv osv.


A famous person in Horse riding

One famous person in horse riding is Jan Brink. He is competing for Sweden in Dressage. He is really god at dressage and his god to understand if the horse is sick or don’t feels so god. He is living in the northern of Skåne and there he has his stable. Almost always he is competing with stallions that are a horse that is a boy and not neutered. If the horse is neutered it is called a gelding and that is a completely other thing. Jan Brink is a really god person and my idol.


Written by: Alva 7c1

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Har också skrivit en engelska uppsats om ridsport. Fast min var mest kritik mot ridsporten :)

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